• Management, Budget and Building Inspection
  • Safety on site Coordination
  • License of wells and boreholes

Sustainable Energy and Construction

  • Building Energetic Certification
  • Certification of Building Sustainability
  • Building Water Efficiency Certification
  • REH and RECS Projects
  • Acoustic Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluation
  • Mediation in Microgeneration
  • Solar Thermal Energy Projects


  • Audit, Evaluation and Control of Occupational Risks
  • Projects of Fire Protection Security
  • Projects of SCIE 3.a and 4.a Category
  • Security and Risk Evaluation Training
  • Self-protective Measures
  • Emergency and Prevention Plans
  • Evaluations and Valuations
  • Evaluations/ Control: noise; thermal environment; luminance; vibrations and ergonomic study


  • Purchase and Sale
  • Inheritances / Registers / Deeds
  • Economic Evaluation of Buildings
  • Real Estate Investment Funds
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Accounting and Fiscal Purposes
  • Expropriations
  • Litigious Procedures